Hey there friends!!

I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve written, but I have received a few emails requesting charts for a few songs that can be used in worship for young ladies and women.

These three songs in particular are a few that the Lord has written on my heart to use in a an all women’s worship time.

The chords are a little crazy, but don’t worry, it’s only because I play a tuned down to Eb guitar.
I also use a cut capo on 2 which allows for the shapes to be in D formation for “Help Me Believe” & “Daughter of the King”.
Eb=D ,  Ab=G  ,  Fm= Em (throw your 1 finger behind the capo, play low E string on 2nd fret)

Eb/G= D/F#  ,  Bb= A2  ,  Cm= Bm
Abba Father is a little different.
It is just Guitar dropped in Eb with no capo, play the D/F# , G, Em, & A shapes.

I hope this helps! Happy leading!